5 Emotions that Threatens Recovery

Managing emotions is one of the toughest challenges for individuals who are trying to battling against drug and alcohol addiction. Inability to manage their emotions properly means lower chances of achieving sobriety. Once addicted individuals have decided to end the cycle of substance abuse in their life, it means that they won’t have to escape from their emotions whether good or bad. The common emotions that derail the process of recovery are as follows:


For most drug users and alcoholics, the desire to use drugs or to drink can affect the level of their anger which often results into a poor decision making that may lead to relapse. Handling anger properly is essential, especially to decrease the chances of relapse. Substance addiction specialists are aware of this, and many treatment programs center have implemented anger management programs as part of their comprehensive addiction treatment plan.


Boredom is often the reason behind the relapse of a person who has been sober for a period of time. The sudden unavailability of drugs and alcohol creates lots of drama and often makes the person feel empty. The feeling of boredom is particularly dangerous to those in recovery as it can decrease the patient’s motivation to move forward and make progress in their recovery. Fortunately, Addiction Care Treatment Program offers different kinds of activities that discourage boredom while in rehab.


Fear can make people stuck in substance addiction and prevents them from entering treatment programs center. The person may be aware of the negative impacts of substance addiction in their life, but the thought of leaving their destructive habit behind terrifies them. They are usually scared of facing life’s challenges without the use of alcohol and drugs. They may think that the recovery has a lot of work without reward. It is common for substance addiction patients to feel fear, especially in the early period of recovery. Overcoming fear will make patients stronger in facing the challenges of the recovery process.


Most people addicted individuals feel guilty because of the thought of using alcohol and drugs again as well as to the problems they have caused because of their substance abuse in the past. In any case, it is not a good emotion to have during the rehab treatment process. Guilt often affects your present decision and actions. Most treatment programs center suggest that people in recovery must be able to get through their guilt as it helps them to develop self-worth and confidence, which are both essential in the recovering from addiction.


One of the major concerns of those who are recovering from addiction is that rehab may result to loneliness and isolation. Because of this, they may find it hard to find the support group that they need during and after leaving the rehab. The feeling of isolation can easily lead to relapse, but Addiction Care Treatment Program has effective ways of dealing with isolation without destroying the patient’s effort and hard work during the process of recovery.

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