5 Signs You Might Be on the Verge of a Relapse

Breaking one’s sobriety means a relapse. It is a serious concern for someone in addiction recovery and one of the most painful events. However, it is not simply the act of using a drug or taking a drink again that constitutes a relapse; a relapse can happen well before the act of using alcohol and drugs, sometimes even a month earlier. Often times, individuals who are in recovery refer to this threshold of relapse as ‘mental relapse’ because it has everything to do with the recovering addicts/alcoholic’s psychological state and related thoughts and actions.

There can be many indications or warning signs of an alcoholic/addict is on the verge of a relapse but, according to drug and alcohol treatment centers in Athens GA, there are 5 basic things to look out for:

Emotions and sentiments are all over the map

  • Impatience or easily angered
  • Becoming self-protective and unable to accept criticism
  • Sudden feelings of aloneness and hopelessness
  • Starting to feel tremendously stressed out and always tense
  • Withdrawal symptoms abruptly start to reappear – it is known as post-acute withdrawal, indications include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and memory loss and can gradually continue after they quit drinking alcohol and taking drugs. These symptoms can return during times of stress and may cause the addict to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol.

The steadfast belief that they will never drink or use again

The alcoholic/addict conceitedly feels that they have found the key that will stop their drinking and using forever, and this very swaggering and ego-driven thinking will likely be their downfall. When addict/alcoholic takes on this belief, they abandon the thought of “one day at a time” and so lose their faith in following a program of recovery.

Loss of commitment to their recovery program

  • Stop meeting sober friends and stop calling sponsor
  • Loss of faith in addiction recovery program


  • Believing you are strong enough to use again without returning back into addiction
  • Using the pattern of denial that was present during the addiction

Old behaviors

  • Starting to communicate with old addicted friends
  • Hanging out with alcoholic and drug buddies or visiting old meeting place
  • Putting on a pedestal or longing for the old days

The Good News

Relapse following treatment or recovery for alcohol and drug addiction is typical and probable but it is also preventable.  By knowing the warning indications that indicate a verge of a relapse, you can create healthy choices and take another action. Most drug and alcohol treatment center in Athens GA educates patients about the actions that must be taken when relapse occur.

If your loved one is an addict, keep in mind that you cannot control their lifestyle or their choice to continue to maintain it. You can, however, absolutely express steadily and lovingly that you have observed a steady change in their behavior and that you are concerned that they are on the edge of a relapse, and you are open to talk about it if they wish. Tell them again about what’s at stake if they continue down the possible disparaging path.

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