7 Effective Techniques in Preventing an Addiction Relapse

When you’re a recovering addict you will still probably find yourself in situations that trigger your cravings for your substance of choice. As a remedy for this drug and alcohol addiction problem, you should equip yourself with some addiction relapse prevention strategies, although sometimes these seem a lot easier said than done. Even so, it is still possible to prevent relapses as long as you use what you have learned during your treatment program.

Here are some suggested 7 techniques to effectively prevent relapses:

Stay busy

There is so much to do once you get back to your personal life. You can find healthy activities such as exercise or nature travelling. Read a book, visit a museum, or go to a friend’s house. Just remember that there are plenty of options for you. Through healthy activities, you can enrich your life more and you can even discover fresh hobbies by consistently planning what to do next.

Make sure to have fun

In addition to staying busy, making sure you’re having fun with your activities will make your relapse prevention techniques more effective. Every time you get occupied with fun things, the desire to use won’t take control of your thoughts.

Think of new habits

Establishing different habits will help your body to respond to new stressful situations. The old habits that became a big factor in your drug and alcohol addiction should be replaced immediately so that the chances for relapsing will decrease.

Write down the plan

When dealing with cravings, it is important to have a relapse prevention plan. To avoid forgetting the steps you intend to follow, you can concisely write them down on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can easily access it, like your wallet. This will come in handy as it will serve as your perfect reminder.

Be expressive

Learn how to express your emotions. Sadness, fear, anger, and other negative emotions shouldn’t be kept unexpressed. Always find a healthy outlet where you can openly express them. Honest and sincere communication to others serves as good strategy to let out all of the tension inside you.

Seek help

At the start of your addiction recovery or, searching for help was probably the first step you took. So whenever you feel like you need help again, never be afraid to ask. You can always seek assistance from family, peers, counselors, or anyone that you can truly rely on. It would be better if you could keep their contact numbers at hand. Most drug and alcohol treatment center in Athens GA provides quality and effective addiction treatment program that is very suitable to your needs.

Be active in recovery

You will have a higher chance of setback if you become overconfident or complacent. Being active in recovery and following the prescribed plan even after you leave the drug and alcohol treatment center will prevent the chance of relapse in your new life.

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