Addiction Rehab in Athens, GA

Drug Crisis in Athens, GA

Throughout the state of Georgia, there is an addiction epidemic affecting thousands of people. Drugs like Opioids, Meth, Cocaine, and Heroine are more prevalent than ever before. In fact, in the year 2018, there were more than 900 opioid overdose fatalities in Georgia alone.  Without a doubt, this number is far too high to be statistically irrelevant. Nevertheless, the numbers will continue to rise. This is because of the low access to mental health resources available to the public. In other words, people at the highest risk for addiction are not receiving the help they need. Not to mention those who are already struggling with the disease. With all this in mind, it’s easy to think that all is lost.  However, addiction does not have to be inevitable. Despite what you or others may think, recovery from addiction is always possible. Although the state of Georgia may be lacking in mental health care access, they are not lacking in addiction rehab centers. Help is always available to those willing to seek it.

Make A Difference In Atlanta

Many people who suffer from addiction or witness someone they love slowly changing often do not know where to go. Fortunately, an addiction specialist is always available to answer any questions you might have. They can get you in contact with an addiction recovery center that will give you the care you need. Most of the time, they will assess and make a program recommendation of either 30, 60, or 90 days. Also, they will talk with you about the benefits of outpatient care versus inpatient care. They will walk you through the process of rehabilitation step by step. Ultimately, with all the knowledge you need, you will make the final decision on whether to change your life for the better. Call 706-480-8733 to speak to an addiction specialist now.


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Treatment Options are Available

In the city of Athens, Georgia, there are treatments available to help people break free from addiction. Short-term treatment services are 30-day programs and 60-day programs, whereas long-term is anything 90 days or more. Likewise, Inpatient and Residential services require a patient to stay on-site 24/7. Outpatient is the most flexible option, with each patient returning home at the completion of daily therapy. These are the local addiction rehab treatments available in Athens:

Hospital Inpatient

Unfortunately, there are none available in this immediate location. However, there is an inpatient hospital available in Monroe, GA.

Outpatient Services

Detoxification and intensive treatment services have locations nearby.

Residential Services

Short-term treatment is available locally, but long-term treatment is not. The closest long-term facility is in Winder, GA.

Opioid Treatment Programs

Programs with SAMHSA certification are locally available. Naltrexone treatment is also available, along with doctors prescribing buprenorphine.


Service Specializing

Services with an LGBTQ+ focus are available locally, as well as services for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Payment Programs

When it comes to payment, Medicaid is an insurance that will cover these services. Also, there are payment assistance programs and Sliding fee scale available locally. Notwithstanding, Medicare is NOT locally accepted.

Step Out of Your Addiction


There are many reasons why attending a treatment program out of your local area is a great decision. Firstly, when developing an addiction, your brain begins associating certain people, places, and things with addictive behavior. As the behavior becomes more common in your life, the emotional ties to these certain things become interwoven with the emotions of your addiction. In order for the bonds of addiction to break fully, sometimes one needs to escape their immediate surroundings. Additionally, this change in scenery gives you the chance to meet new people and have a fresh start. When addiction is ruling someone’s life, this person may involuntarily break the relationships they have.

Therefore, starting a new life in a brand new place is always beneficial as they can build new friendships and relationships. The most notable reason to leave your current setting is the elimination of the negative factors contributing to your addiction. Often, these factors are bad friends, abusive relationships, or any illegal activity.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Near You

Despite the many benefits of seeking treatment outside of your local options, seeking treatment nearby has benefits as well. For example, family relationships are one reason to stay close by. Many times, the relationships with the ones close to us act as fuel for change. Similarly, outpatient care is preferable when staying nearby for rehab. Outpatient care is ideal for those who have responsibilities outside of there addictive behavior. There are plenty of excellent outpatient treatment centers in Athens, GA to choose from.

The disease of addiction affects innocent people in all walks of life. It does not discriminate, as it can happen to everyone. End your suffering today. Drug addiction is never something to push to the side. When suffering from this affliction, you must confront it head-on. There are many people who do not know where to turn when they have an addiction. They often believe there is no one there to help but this is never the case. In Athens, GA, there is always someone willing to help. To speak with an addiction rehab specialist, call 706-480-8733 today.