Addiction Rehab in Savannah, GA

Drug Crisis in Savannah, GA

The drug crisis in Savannah is nothing to ignore. According to the Drug Addiction Control Update, 1,124 Georgians died as a result of direct drug abuse in 2010. Needless to say, this statistic is very significant. Along with this, Heroin is gaining much popularity in the Savannah night clubs where its used with MDMA and cocaine. Generally speaking, this is a high amount of drug activity in the area. Due to the city being a port, drugs are easy to smuggle in and out without alerting law enforcement. If you’re struggling with addiction in Savannah, GA and need help with addiction rehab, call 706-480-8733 today.

Best Treatment Near You In Savannah

When you call this number, you’ll be put in direct contact with an addiction specialist. With this experts assistance, they can counsel you with advice, options for treatment, and with locating rehab centers. Together, you and the addiction specialist can check what options work for you logistically, emotionally, and financially. Nearly all treatment centers are there to fit your individual needs. Therefore, they will offer a combination of services that can help you reach full recovery. To summarize these service options, you can have a treatment duration of 30, 60, or 90 days. Most of the time, if you have responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis, they will recommend outpatient programs. However, if you feel like you need around the clock care, they will talk to you about inpatient programs.


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Addiction Rehab Options Available

In this general area, there are many services nearby for addiction recovery. Many include both outpatient and inpatient services, along with short term and long term programs. Specifically, these services are:

Hospital Inpatient

A single rehab center does offer inpatient detoxification and intensive treatment services nearby. This service is ideal for those struggling with severe addiction.


Outpatient Services

There are several centers offer outpatient detoxification as well as standard and intensive treatment services locally.

Residential Services 

The several centers that offer residential have the option of both long and short term treatment.

Opioid Treatment Programs

There are a few SAMHSA-certified treatment centers specializing in Opioid addiction locally. Some centers even prescribe buprenorphine and administer naltrexone.

Special Services 

One center nearby offers a special treatment program for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Several more centers offer treatment options for individuals who have survived sexual and domestic abuse.

Forms of Payment

Fortunately, Medicare and Medicaid are acceptable to several centers nearby. Some centers even offer payment assistance and sliding fee scale as financial help.

Noting all these services nearby, don’t forget that there are treatment centers all across the country. Ultimately, the choice of where to find your recovery is up to you.

Why Leaving Savannah, GA May be the Best Option


When you go into an addiction rehab program, the goals are to find sobriety, peace, and discover who you are. Overall, you will want to focus on finding the root cause of your addiction and learning how to adapt in a healthy way. However, in order to do this, you may have to find a treatment center outside of Savannah. Although this may be your hometown and where your family is living, sometimes a change of scenery is important. Likewise, you may be escaping some of the negative factors causing you to stay in your addictive behaviors. 

There are many reasons why taking a break from a setting may be what is best:

Benefits of Staying Close for Addiction Rehab

Staying nearby for treatment can be a good option as well. Despite the preference addiction specials and medical providers have for escaping the setting, sometimes this is not possible. A lot of the time, patients will need to remain home to take care of personal responsibilities. These may include raising and caring for children, care taking for a family member, or possibly trying to keep a job. Whatever the case may be, local treatment centers can administer outpatient services. In fact, if you start a local outpatient program, you are more likely to complete the treatment plan. Also, with outpatient treatment, you are more likely to participate in after care programs which will help you stay sober. Not to mention the support you will receive from friends and family who just want to help.

In summary, addiction does not have to rule your life. There is always hope for those willing to seek it. Therefore, it is wise to contact a local addiction recovery center for information on a rehabilitation program. Or, you can simply call 706-480-8733 to receive more information on any drug or alcohol addiction rehab services. Call now and end your addiction.