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Drug and Alcohol Use in Macon, GA

Macon is home to many wonderful residents with a hospitable and respectful nature. In fact, Macon is also home to the song “RESPECT”, written by Otis Redding and performed by Aretha Franklin. Due to this towns rich cultural history, many may overlook the increasing drug epidemic taking place. As a result of excessive prescribing, the misuse of opioids is getting more and more severe. For example, number of opioid overdoses in Macon has been increasing every year for the last decade. Unfortunately, with all the drug related deaths, the life expectancy in the city actually fell for 2 straight years. This is incredibly sad for all the citizens in Macon and speaks to the seriousness of drug abuse in general. However, if you live in Macon, GA and need assistance with drug or alcohol abuse, there is always hope. For more information of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, call 706-480-8733 today.

Taking One Step Further In Atlanta

There is no reason to suffer from an addiction for long periods of time. When you call the number, you will talk to an addiction specialist who is an expert in substance abuse. Furthermore, they will give you the knowledge you need about drug and alcohol rehab programs and the treatment available. Most likely, they will speak to you regarding the length of your program. Each short term rehab program usually lasts anywhere from 30- 60 days. In contrast, long term programs last up to 90 days and beyond. They will assess your addiction and recommend either an outpatient or inpatient treatment program. This distinction usually involves assessing your specific situation entirely. It is important to remember that all the decisions in this process will be your choice. Addiction rehab is voluntary. Nevertheless, if you are struggling with an addiction, receiving help is always the best choice.


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In the Macon, GA, there are plenty of addiction recovery treatment options to choose from. Although not all services are available close by, there is always assistance not far away. However, the more information you learn, the better you can apply it to your circumstances. In this instance, knowledge is the most powerful thing to have. It is important to know the different types of treatment. Simply put, there are two types of addiction treatment programs: Inpatient and Outpatient. Each one has its drawbacks and benefits. Likewise, there are 3 types of treatment durations: 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day. Each program depends on the severity of the addiction and the situation the patient is in. Nearby services include:

Outpatient Services

A few facilities in this area offer this service both standard and intensive.

Hospital Inpatient

The closest location that offers this service is in Warner Robins, GA.

Residential Services

A facility in Atlanta offers residential services.

Opioid Treatment Programs

There are several SAMHSA certified programs nearby that can also administer buprenorphine and naltrexone.

Special Services

A facility nearby offers direct help to member of the LGBTQ+ community and several offer help to domestic and sexual abuse survivors.

Payment Options 

Several facilities accept Medicare and Medicaid and offer payment assistance.

Step Out of Your Addiction


Although there are many services close to Macon, most addiction specialists and psychologists suggest leaving your current setting. There are many reasons why this is a good idea and can greatly benefit your recovery process. Many times, when someone falls into addiction in a specific place, the bonds between the behavior and the setting intertwine. Sometimes these bonds are personal emotions that are deeply ingrained within the person. Similarly, these can also be friendships and relationships that leave the person stuck in bad behaviors. These relationships and personal bonds are much stronger than most people give them credit and can end up hurting them. Therefore, it is better to find help outside of your immediate surroundings. There are also other reasons why leaving town is advantageous.

Traveling Benefits:

More Information on Addiction Treatment in Macon, GA

There are numerous benefits for seeking help outside of your current location. Nonetheless, there are also benefits to staying close by for your recovery. Staying close is ideal if you have daily responsibilities to handle every day. Moreover, you will probably be in an Outpatient program which will allow you to return home at night. This is actually ideal for people who have children, a job they need to keep, or are caring for a loved one. The flexibility of outpatient treatment allows patients to accomplish daily recovery goals along with their regular schedule. Also, the presence of family plays a big role in finding sobriety. It can either be a huge help or a big problem. If family is helping you and being supportive, it may be a great idea to stay close by.

In summary, the path to recovery can be long and sometimes hard, but it is possible. Addiction does not have to rule your life forever. Undoubtedly, help is always available to those who seek it. If you are suffering from addiction and need help from an addiction specialist, call 706-480-8733 today. They can give you everything you need to find assistance.