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With more than 72,000 drug overdose deaths in 2017, drug use is a real risk we can’t ignore. If you suspect your spouse might be using drugs, you’ll have to act fast. Users will typically try to hide their drug addiction from their loved ones to avoid hurting them. You should keep an eye out […]

how to do an intervention

If a person who you love is suffering from addiction, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that one in seven Americans will experience addiction in their lifetime. Only ten percent of these people receive help. Don’t allow the addict in your life to become yet another statistic. Ensure that they receive the professional help […]

opiate withdrawal timeline

How bad is the nation’s opioid and opiate epidemic? It’s so bad that it’s dragging down the life expectancy in America. Government numbers from 2016 showed that there were 63,600 drug overdose deaths in the country, a 21 percent increase from 2015. We’ve reached the point where two-thirds of all drug deaths in 2016 could […]

recovering addicts

Substance abuse including illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco cost the USA, more than $740 billion annually. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) includes crime, lost productivity and health care costs in this figure. The price of drug and alcohol addiction is paid for everywhere, including here in Athens, Georgia. When someone is trying to […]

Addiction Care Treatment Program

Managing emotions is one of the toughest challenges for individuals who are trying to battling against drug and alcohol addiction. Inability to manage their emotions properly means lower chances of achieving sobriety. Once addicted individuals have decided to end the cycle of substance abuse in their life, it means that they won’t have to escape […]

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