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Managing emotions is one of the toughest challenges for individuals who are trying to battling against drug and alcohol addiction. Inability to manage their emotions properly means lower chances of achieving sobriety. Once addicted individuals have decided to end the cycle of substance abuse in their life, it means that they won’t have to escape […]

7 Effective Techniques in Preventing an Addiction Relapse

When you’re a recovering addict you will still probably find yourself in situations that trigger your cravings for your substance of choice. As a remedy for this drug and alcohol addiction problem, you should equip yourself with some addiction relapse prevention strategies, although sometimes these seem a lot easier said than done. Even so, it […]

Breaking one’s sobriety means a relapse. It is a serious concern for someone in addiction recovery and one of the most painful events. However, it is not simply the act of using a drug or taking a drink again that constitutes a relapse; a relapse can happen well before the act of using alcohol and […]

The Facts about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a pattern of physical and mental defects that can develop in a fetus in association with high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. There are signs of fetal alcohol poisoning while pregnant such as miscarriage or stillbirth, intrauterine growth retardation, and physical defects.

Top-6 Concerning Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse

45 people overdose and die each day from opiate pain killers Hospital admits more than 30 prescription drugs abusers into emergency room 300 percent increase of prescription pill abuse in the last decade In 1991, 40 million painkiller prescriptions were handed out 200 million people currently have prescriptions for pain killer in 2009 5.1 million […]

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