Kaiser Permanente Insurance

A few insurance providers in the city accept Kaiser Permanente insurance. The Kaiser Permanente GA plan requires deductibles.  Both medical and pharmacy have an individual combined deductible. The deductible must be met before coverage kicks in. Prior to that individuals must pay for most services out-of-pocket. Services that are covered under the plan contribute to the out-of-pocket maximum. Those services that are preventive, however, are at no charge with Kaiser Permanente. This includes services such as physical exams and mammogram screenings. Substance abuse may be covered under this plan. It may be covered under the mental health section depending on availability. 

Know Your Insurance Plan

The Kaiser Permanente GAHSA plan offers an individual and combined deductible for both medical and pharmacy expenses. On this plan, the majority of services have a deductible. Cost-sharing for most services that are covered contributes to the out-of-pocket maximum cost. When it comes to preventive care, such services may be covered at no charge. This includes services such as physical exams and mammogram screenings. Under the mental health section, substance abuse treatment may be covered, depending on availability. Regardless of what kind of coverage is needed, there is an insurance plan that works best for every individual. It is important to focus on what specific needs an individual has when it comes to coverage for substance abuse. When choosing a Kaiser Permanente plan, it is also important to know whether you want an HMO or a PPO plan. An HMO plan will most likely have a lower monthly premium. With this plan, you can expect to have less out of pocket that you have to pay. With a PPO plan, you will most likely pay a higher monthly premium, however, you will be able to see providers outside of your network. Which plan you prefer depends on your own needs. 


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Coverage for Treatment in Georgia

Concerned about coverage for treatment? Want to know what the options are with Medicare and Medicaid? When it comes to several centers in major cities, such as in Georgia, most accept Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States. Medicare is eligible for U.S. citizens who are sixty-five and older. Medicare does cover substance abuse treatment. There is no specific category that substance abuse treatment falls into with medicare, however, it is covered when necessary. Those that truly need the treatment can get coverage under medicare. This can be applied to outpatient and inpatient care. There are many options when it comes to medicare. Be sure to check your options and know what is available for you in your area. 

Medicaid is a federal and state program that helps with medical costs for those with limited income. Medicaid even covers services such as nursing home care and personal care services. With Georgia Medicaid substance abuse treatment is covered for adults. This includes those struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. Always check your own individual plan to see what is covered when it comes to substance abuse treatment. It is important to talk with treatment centers and your health insurance provider when determining the cost of treatment. There are always more options than one believes. Treatment centers may have payment assistance available. There are also options for sliding fee scales if necessary. The cost of treatment can be high but depending on the specific plan it can cost significantly less. Treatment programs that are shorter are less expensive. Outpatient treatment is also less expensive as the individual isn’t living at the center 24/7. Any type of treatment is more beneficial than no treatment at all.


Knowing Your Options

There are many different ways to approach the issue of insurance coverage when it comes to treatment. If you or a loved one need treatment in Georgia make sure you or they are aware of their options. There is no reason to be in a position where going into treatment puts an individual in debt. Treatment shouldn’t be another thing that adds stress to an individual’s life. Treatment should be a place where those recovering from addiction are able to gain the tools they need to recover. The individual should be focusing on getting better, not stressing about the cost of the treatment. In many cases, individuals aren’t aware of their options and allow financial issues to keep them from getting help. However, this isn’t necessary. 

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Knowing how much treatment will cost out of pocket is very important. Talk with treatment centers about the total cost of treatment. Then reach out to your health care provider to see how much will be covered by them. Also, look for government assistance programs and centers that are willing to work with you to find a financial option that fits your budget. Whatever your needs are, there is a treatment program that can fit into your budget.