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Hosting an intervention is among the most effective ways to get an addict into rehab (programs rehabilitation treatment). If you are concerned about somebody in your life, who has considerably changed because of a drug or alcohol addiction, an intervention may be the right starting point to begin getting them the necessary help. Addiction is a terrifying ordeal for both the addict and the addict’s friends and family. It’s possible you may be asking yourself, “How can I help my friend get clean again?” and “What should I do to get my family member sober?” It is frustrating when the addict constantly takes advantage of your good will, and having to watch as other acquaintances further damage the addict with codependent behavior. You shouldn’t be scared of confrontation: self-doubt can’t stop you from taking correct action. Contact Addiction Care Treatment Program at 706 510-0282 for information about interventions and how to set one up.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is as easy as asking the individual to stop their drug abuse or could be an extremely well-planned event that convinces an addict to go into therapy for their dependency issues. People that care about the addict, such as family, teachers, clergy members, and loved ones, all must come together to challenge the addict about the adverse consequences of his or her drug abuse, and in the end, inspire him or her to agree to rehab treatment. At the start of the intervention, the addict will not realize that he or she has a drug problem. While exposing this self-denial regarding his or her problem, the drug abuser will simply continue being stubborn and not seek help; however, the purpose of an intervention still stays true and primarily offers the addict an opportunity to make changes into sobriety, and possibly save his or her own life. Over the course of an intervention it is imperative to discuss certain problems:

  • explicit examples of erratic behavior and the way drugs have negatively affected the addict and their family members
  • the therapy plan outlining key objectives and guidelines that the addict must follow
  • what every member of the intervention will be forced into doing if the addict doesn’t go along with a rehab or treatment program

The four different types of interventions are simple, crisis, classical, and family system:

  • A simple intervention is just ‘simply’ asking the subject in question to stop their life-threatening way. Before any other, more intense intervention strategies are attempted, a simple intervention should be exercised.
  • Classical interventions direct all the attention onto a single person, the goal being that they immediately agree to get rehab due to the intervention.
  • A crisis intervention is used immediately to address hazardous and precarious situations, like domestic violence, reckless driving, or intense addiction.
  • Family system interventions put the focus equally around all the family members, and persuade them to stop their traumatizing behaviors, and because substance addiction and domestic violence regularly reinforce dysfunctional family environments: everyone involved will need to do their part in changing their behaviors.

What Is the Difference between an Intervention and Treatment?

Although each step is vital for the recovery process, it’s important to take note that there is a major difference between an intervention and drug treatment. Intervention Treatment Georgia considers intervention an introductory process whereby family and friends convince a substance user, friend, or loved one to go into a rehabilitation alcohol intervention treatment facility so that they have a fighting chance towards defeating their substance abuse. Therapy is the best strategy to get an addict to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, and an intervention is NOT drug therapy, but a means to get the addict to start looking at rehab. At treatment facilities like Intervention Services Athens, the addict is taught originally about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Secondary guidance deals with how they can sustain long term recovery, and finally they deal what social triggers that promoted their drug use.  For the best possible chance of success, Intervention Center Athens, GA suggests that an addict is prompted into rehab directly after their intervention.

For Help Now, Call Addiction Care Treatment Program As Soon As Possible!

Watching a loved one suffer and struggle with addiction is troubling and often scary. Sometimes an intervention requires a planned and driven effort by family and friends. To locate an interventionist, secure a rehab center, or talk about dependency in general, contact Drug Center Rehabilitation. Get a family member the assistance they so urgently need, call 706-510-0282 now!

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