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60-Day Care

Residential inpatient programs are perfect for those needing around the clock care. Patients will live on site and have treatment as they need. Additionally, they will go through withdrawal under medical supervision to ensure they are safe throughout the procedure. Therapists will always be nearby in the center to provide any emotional support or administer therapy. To summarize, this 24/7 care option may be what you or someone you love is looking for. Outpatient programs allow patients to live at home and travel to the rehab center for treatment. Most of the time they will come in 3-5 days a week for therapy sessions and other activities. They will stay for up to 4 hours and travel home at the completion of treatment for the day. In contrast, this option is very hands off and is great for those who have responsibilities outside of recovery. After all, if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, call 706-480-8733 today.


Effective 60-Day Treatment Plans

Addiction treatment programs develop plans for each individual patient. Nearly all addiction specialists can agree that no two patients are ever the same. Therefore, customizing each plan on behalf of the individuals needs is truly the only way to lead them to recovery. Having an individual approach to treatment means combining all the necessary services a program has to offer. In other words, a combination of unique procedures usually yields the best results.