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30-Day Support

There are many reasons to choose a 30-day treatment program at an addiction recovery center. Firstly, they have many different therapies that can help. For example, group counselling, psychotherapy, and behavior therapy can work wonders. Also, in these centers, patients will meet other people with the same substance problems. These can provide a level of support the patient might not have had previously. Secondly, the staff at these centers bring medical safety and provide detox to those who may need it.  Detox is a medical procedure allowing the patient a time period to withdrawal safely from their substance of choice. This is a great way to ride the body of toxins and is one of the first steps in recovery. Thirdly, the addiction specialists at these centers can treat multiple disorders at one time. Disorders that occur at the same time as addiction will receive treatment as well.


Effectiveness of 30-Day Treatment

Thirty-day treatment programs at any rehab center are just as effective as longer programs depending on the patient. When it comes to treatment in general, its important to realize that every patient is different. Along those lines, no two patients will have the same path to sobriety. Therefore, a 30-day treatment plan will be more beneficial for some more than others. Typically, those with less severe addictions choose a 30-day plan.