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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Coverage

In the past, getting help for an addiction was usually very expensive. The out of pocket costs as well as the aftercare prices were considerably high. Not to mention the price of any medicine you might need if there are co occurring disorders. Fortunately, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act, insurances now recognize addiction as a disease. Therefore, because it is a disease, it must receive the same coverage as any other illness. This means it is possible for those who have insurance to receive at least some coverage when attending addiction treatment. For example, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield covers addiction services in the Athens, GA area. This can provide a tremendous help for those who need financial assistance during a very difficult time. If you have an addiction and want to recover, call 706-480-8733 today to speak to an addiction specialist. There is hope for those living in Athens, GA.

Bronze, Silver, Gold Coverage Levels

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield operates in Georgia and provides coverage for those who need substance abuse treatment. In most cases, they offer a plan on their tier system. These indicate the level of coverage someone will receive based on the metallic level: bronze, silver, and gold. The specific plan that works well with addiction is the Anthem Pathway Guided Access HMO. With this plan, you will receive general coverage on outpatient treatment or inpatient hospitalization. However, it is subject to your deductible and co insurance. Most notably, their metallic tier system applies to this plan, as it comes in a bronze, silver, or gold. In general, a plan with a higher premium will cover more than a plan with a low premium. It is up to you to determine your financial situation and determine what is best for you.


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Other Options Available

Several centers in most of Georgia’s major cities accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Generally speaking, Medicare is health insurance from the federal government that helps those who are 65 and older. On the other hand, Medicaid is government issued insurance that aids those who have low income. However, Medicaid in Georgia runs on state government funds rather than federal funds. Each one offers a fair share of coverage for addiction services. Along those lines, if there is no coverage available to you, not all is lost. There are payment assistance programs you can use to help supplement your treatment expenses.


As stated above, Medicare typically only applies to those who are 65 and older with the exception of younger people with disabilities. Although there isn’t a section in Medicare that currently exists for substance abuse, Medicare will cover addiction services when reasonable and necessary. Simply put, if you have Medicare and need to know whether your treatment program has coverage, you will want to contact your insurance provider. There is a chance that they may cover some of the cost. However, this various from situation to situation. This applies to both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment.


Georgia’s Medicaid program covers addiction services for those enrolled in the states program. Moreover, if you have a lower yearly income, you can apply for Medicaid and have treatment coverage. To find more information on what Medicaid covers in general, head to their website with everything you need. Along with this, you can find options for substance abuse on a providers website. Also, you can check to make sure any facilities are covered.


If you need to go with an out of pocket approach because you are lacking coverage, there is hope. There are many facilities that offer payment assistance and a sliding fee scale.


How We Can Help

When you call the number on this page, you will be put into contact with an expert addiction specialist. Together, you both will determine the type of treatment and duration of that treatment. Usually, the treatment types are outpatient versus inpatient, and the duration is from 30 to 90+ days. Along with this step, the addiction specialist can aid you in finding facilities close by and checking what insurances they take. This is a critical step, and each specialist knows its important for every patient to receive coverage for their treatment. By working with the specialist, you will be set on a path toward success. There is always help available.

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The Importance Is Recovery

In summary, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover addiction services with the Anthem Pathway Guided Access HMO plan. However, the treatment is subject to the deductible and coinsurance, as well as a possible copay. Overall, there are many ways to receive funding and coverage for a treatment program. If you have an addiction and need help overcoming it, call today. Speak with an addiction expert and get your plan in motion. Call 706-480-8733 today to get assistance in Athens, GA.