Drug and Alcohol Use in Atlanta, GA

The city of Atlanta is one of the most iconic and historical cities in the United States. Known as the biggest city in the “Peach State”, it is home to 5.8 million Georgians. Due to this nickname, there are 55 total streets in Atlanta with the name “Peachtree”. Despite what some may think, this is not because a peach tree is on each street. In fact, historians believe this name comes from the Native American term “Standing Pitch Tree”. This common misconception is surprising considering the coincidence that a fair share of peaches grow in the state of Georgia. Along with this misunderstanding, there are plenty of misconceptions about the severity of the drug and alcohol abuse in Atlanta, GA. Although drug statistics for the city note the decline in Cocaine use, the rate of alcohol and methamphetamine use is on the rise. Nevertheless, there is always hope for a full recovery with addiction treatment. Addiction does not have to be your life.

Addiction History In Atlanta

In 2012, methamphetamine was at its highest peak since 2006 in Atlanta. In the same year, alcohol abuse was the cause for one half of all treatment admissions into rehab centers. Keeping these statistics in mind, there is still, without a doubt, a huge addiction problem in Atlanta, GA. In most circumstances, this problem is because of the lacking access to mental health care in the state. Many of those at high risk of developing an addiction, or already have the disease, struggle to find help. Nonetheless, there is always assistance available if you want to change your life. Addiction recovery centers are always there to ensure Georgians have the help they need. There are always program options available for those willing to participate. For more information, call an addiction specialist at 706-480-8733. They can help you find assistance in your area.


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Addiction Treatment Options are Available

Fortunately, there are quite a few addiction treatment program providers in this area. These treatment programs include outpatient and inpatient plans with differing duration between 30, 60 and 90 days. Likewise, each rehab center provides different services. 

Outpatient Services

This treatment includes detoxification services nearby as well as more intensive programs. Furthermore, if you are looking for standard outpatient treatment, there are local options.

Hospital Inpatient

Unfortunately, hospital inpatient services are not local, but they are available within MSA. These locations are in Decatur and Smyrna specifically.

Residential Services

Both long term and short term programs are available locally.

Opioid Treatment

There are several SAMHSA certified locations that specialize in Opioid treatment in Atlanta MSA.

Along with this, several buprenorphine prescribers are nearby as well.

Special Services

Multiple centers specializing in LGBTQ+ individual treatment as well as domestic and sexual abuse are available locally.

Payment Options

Several local rehab centers accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Payment assistance and services provide a sliding fee scale locally as well. This helps off set the possible costs of a full recovery program.

Benefits of Travelling for Addiction Treatment


Some may think that travelling out of their local area for treatment is mostly unnecessary. However, this is not usually true. Many times, the intense emotions that are present with addiction intertwine with our surroundings. Think of treatment like fixing tangled electrical wiring in a home, except the wires themselves are the bonds that make up your brain. In order to untangle the mess of wires, there requires a separation from the current position the wires are in. Similarly, when one tries to find the root cause of an addiction, they will need to separate themselves from the setting they already know. There needs to be a change. Not surprisingly, when one moves for treatment this makes for a much easier recovery process. Therefore, when trying to break a moderate to severe addiction, being in the same location for treatment is typically not a good idea.

Also, when you are very far from home, it creates a logistical difficulty in returning. To summarize, the temptation to leave rehab early can be very strong. It’s easy to start to believe that you are okay a couple weeks in and don’t need to finish your program. When you leave to go somewhere far away for recovery, the distance can prevent you from simply walking out ahead of schedule.

Benefits of Staying Close to Home

One of the main benefits of staying close to home for treatment is being close to the ones you love. Family can be a very motivating tool during the addiction recovery process. Additionally, an outpatient program is ideal for those wanting to maintain their daily responsibilities while needing treatment. Likewise, one will be able to return home at night and travel to therapy the next morning. This truly encompasses treatment without having to live residential.

Addiction is always a hard disease to deal with. Whether it is yourself, your family member, or your friend, it is never easy. Nevertheless, for those in Atlanta, GA there is help available. There has never been a better time to seek help than the present. Rehab is constantly changing and is far different than it was in the past. Furthermore, if you need help finding a treatment center right for you, call an addiction specialist at 706-480-8733 . There is no need to suffer anymore. Call today and receive the advice you need to change your life.