What Happens During Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is the most effective way to recover from addiction. In order to break free from the shackles of drug addiction, specialized help and a caring environment are definitely your best option.

Many people, however, are not really sure what addiction treatment is. Because of this, they don’t look for it when they need it the most. Learning what this is can be vital for you to understand its importance.

What Is Addiction Treatment And How Does It Work?

You need to take several steps in order to treat addiction. The first one is to admit that you have a problem and look for a treatment center. This is, possibly, the hardest one, as you have to do it on your own.

People suffering from addiction often do not recognize the problem but it is important to do it. Only by acknowledging it can someone have the will to move forward and seek help. No one can be forced to go to addiction treatment without understanding its importance and why the effort is needed.

As soon as you enter a rehab clinic, you will have personalized care and treatment that will make it all much easier. Clinics often have living accommodations which are designed to make the patient comfortable and to feel protected during treatment.

The process starts with detoxing from the substance and it includes therapy, physical and social activities and special care. Medications are often used to help the patient to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Detox: Clearing the Drug From Your Body

Drugs have an effect on the body and stopping use will cease that effect. Not only will the patient not feel the high of the drug anymore, but their body will crave for the substance. This means that several harsh symptoms are bound to appear at first.

These symptoms can last weeks and are often made weaker with the use of specific medications. The medicine used will depend on the drug the person is addicted to, but they are generally used in all cases.

Another obvious, yet important step is to stay clear from the drug. A controlled and stable environment is needed when recovering. How long this phase lasts generally depends on what drug you are addicted to and the length of use.

Group and Individual Therapy

Despite what many people think, rehab is not only about detox. Therapy is certainly another huge part of addiction treatment. The patient needs to understand the addiction and both individual and group therapy are often the way.

Individual therapy is important to understand the need for the drug as well as the triggers that drive you to use it. Heavy drug use is generally started for a reason. People often use drugs as a way to compensate for some kind of emotional or physical pain. Identifying triggers that make someone relapse is also important.

Group therapy, on the other hand, helps the patient to identify their problems via others. By participating in a group, the person can acknowledge their own issues by hearing people and interacting with them. This helps to show that the patient is not alone and that their struggles are shared and can be overcome.

Supervision and Care

During any treatment, it is important to have some kind of supervision. No patient should be left all alone during this difficult time. That said, there are different ways in which someone can be able to undergo treatment. The main difference is whether to choose an outpatient or inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment is the addiction treatment in which the patient goes to a clinic and stays there. The patient will stay for weeks and will have very limited contact with the outside world. One of the main advantages of this treatment is that it provides more support for detox and avoids temptations.

Outpatient treatment, however, can be done from someone’s home. The person will take the medications at home and go to appointments from time to time with doctors and therapists. Sometimes, a nurse can be present at someone’s home to help.

This method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The patient will be able to continue with their daily life, but a strong support network is needed. As the person has easier access to drugs, family and friends need to be extra supportive to avoid relapses.

There is also the residential treatment, which is a mix of these two alternatives. In this alternative, the patient stays at their own house but goes to treatment and support meetings on a daily basis. The mixed approach has some interesting advantages such as a great balance between support and responsibility. The patient will get full support every day but will also go to their own house and have to deal with life on a daily basis.

A Personalized Addiction Treatment For You

It is important to understand that no treatment is perfect for everybody. The recipe for success is to mix up different types of treatments in order to find the one that will satisfy your needs.

You should know that addiction treatment is not the end, though. After the recovery, you will live a more fulfilling and freer life. It can be hard to leave the substance behind at first, but this will lead you to find other ways to fill your time and be more productive. After the addiction treatment, you will be a stronger person and will understand yourself and your needs better.

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